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I am a political sociologist. My work deals with processes of constitution-making (so far particularly focused on Central and Eastern Europe), constitutions and their symbolic dimensions, constitutional critique and different forms of constitutional justification, dissidence and democracy, civic participation in democracy, and the plurality of political cultures.

The Constitutional Experiment in Iceland: The Future that Failed?

With the return of the two political parties that hold the responsibility for the Icelandic economic collapse of 2009 back into political power, the bottom-up constitutional experiment that started in the crisis’ wake faces an uphill struggle. The general elections … Continue reading

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Italy: in a democratic and constitutional crisis?

Italian democracy is in a prolonged state of exception. The elections of February this year have failed to decisively break with a period of technocratic politics and paralysis of party-based representative democracy that initiated a year and a half ago … Continue reading

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Citizens’ constitution difficult to ignore with Icelandic referendum results

A new draft constitution – written by a citizen-based Constitutional Council – was consigned to the Icelandic Parliament in July 2011, and has ever since been awaiting further action (see my post of 16 January 2012). The Constitutional Council responsible … Continue reading

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Romanian Constitutionalism: Form without Content?

Romanian constitutional democracy is once again experiencing a period of great turmoil. In the early 2000s, Romanian democracy seemed to get closer to the idea of a Rechtsstaat and the rule of law, and what in general could be called … Continue reading

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Grassroots Constitutional Politics in Iceland

Iceland has recently embarked on an experimental form of constitution-making from below. Iceland is in this a rare – in distinct ways probably unique – example of a popular or citizen-driven constitutionalism. This participatory approach in many ways challenges core … Continue reading

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This blog is a platform to express some of my concerns on politics in the contemporary world, not least regarding the predicament of modern democracy. I am particularly keen on exploring the possibilities for and status of civic participation, forms of resistance, dissent, … Continue reading

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